Lake of Lavarone

Altipiani Trentini - Folgaria, Lavarone, Luserna

"The cleanest lake in Italy": ten years ago a research so defined the Lake of Lavarone. In Sigmund Freud's eyes, who loved walking along its shores, the lake should be extremely relaxing too. The Lake of Lavarone, which lies on a valley, covers a surface of 54000 square metres and has an average depth of 6 metres. The maximum depth is 16 metres. In winter it is possible to practice ice-skating on its icy surface, and attend diving courses under the icy surface. Every year, at the end of June, an important triathlon (swimming, cycling and running) competition takes place. The Lake of Lavarone, on the homonymous plateau, lies on a wide area which had been theater of terrible slaughters during the First World War, as many war structures and forts, nowadays transformed into war memorials, testimony. "Don't forget" is the motto of the authors of the "Path of Peace", an itinerary of over 400 km from Stelvio Pass to the Marmolada. This path is linked to the "Sentiero d'Italia" (paths of Italy) enterprise.

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