Christmas Markets in Levico Terme

Event date from: 18-11-2023 to: 06-01-2024

The Levico Terme Christmas Markets will be hosted, as is now a well-established tradition, in the heart of the centuries-old Habsburg Park. An enchanted scenario, evoking the splendour and elegance of the 19th century, awaits you: soft lights and majestic trees will counterbalance the small wooden houses, where you can get to know Trentino-Tyrolese popular culture, in the footsteps of the noblest Hapsburg tradition. A festive atmosphere of sounds and colours. Here are the Levico Christmas Markets, full of handicrafts, culinary specialities and many attractions: games and shows, creative workshops, the village of elves, the little train and horse-drawn carriage, Santa's throne and many activities for children.

For further information: APT Valsugana, (+39) 0461 727700

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