Snow kiting and kitesurfing in the Passo Resia holiday area

In the Alta Val Venosta lies the famous Lake Resia, where in its crystalline waters a bell tower is submerged. Thanks to the strategic position of the lake, in winter it freezes and is covered with a layer of snow that allows sportsmen and adrenaline junkies to practice snow kiting.

Snow kiting is a typical winter discipline that combines sailing and skiing/snowboarding. It's practiced on a snowy surface using a traction kite and a pair of skis rather than a snowboard.

The Alto Adige Kite School is located in the Resia Pass area. The fabulous winter landscape combined with wind currents make this area an ideal paradise for snow kiting and especially for beginners. This sport and new equipment are available through the school.
Snow kiting championships are held every year on Lake Resia.

Snow kiting is also available on Lake San Valentino

Summer on Lake Resia: kitesurfing

During the summer season, a snow kite is transformed into the more practiced discipline of kitesurfing or kiteboarding, a modern water sport that is becoming increasingly popular. Using the same technology as the snow kite, but with a different board underfoot, you can skim over the water with the sole force of the wind. It’s a different way to experience a sporting holiday and to enjoy the lake.

Kitesurfing at Lake Resia is a very popular sport. The perfect combination of wind and water has made the lake one of Europe's largest kitesurfing centers. 
For those new to kitesurfing, Lake Resia is home to the Adrenalina Kitesurf-Club with professional teachers.

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