Red Rooster: Farm Holidays in South Tyrol

Spending a holiday on a Red Rooster farm means living an exclusive and unique experience at a slow pace and in close contact with nature, immersed in the flavours and landscapes of South Tyrol. Typical South Tyrolean farmhouses and farms with animals, under the supervision of Red Rooster, which monitors the quality of their services and environments, have since 1998 become accommodation facilities with flats and rooms available for guests and activities dedicated to them. The Red Rooster label, which belongs to the South Tyrolean Farmers' and Tenant Farmers' Union (Südtiroler Bauernbund), promotes the activities of 1,600 farms in South Tyrol.

Its aim is to support farmhouses farmers in developing activities to complement farming and livestock breeding, thus increasing their income and considering the running of a farm as a development opportunity.

Being a Red Rooster associated farm means guaranteeing a high quality hospitality service, the authenticity of the products on offer and the owner's commitment to keeping their farm 'alive'. With over 1,700 hours of training each year, it wants to help farm owners meet these standards and implement their business.

The Red Cockerel also wants to bring people closer to the lifestyle of South Tyrolean farmers by making them personally involved. Its motto is: 'Come as guests, leave as friends'. The farmers' welcome makes guests feel at home and like family, while respecting their privacy and providing useful advice and information on activities in the area and various services.

In addition to farmhouse accommodation (Agritourism in South Tyrol), Red Rooster also encourages farm inns (Farms with Taste), the production of genuine gastronomic products (Farmhouse Flavours) and authentic handicrafts (Farm Handicrafts).

The classification of farms

The classification of farmhouses offering accommodation is organised in flowers, from 2 to 5; the higher the number of flowers, the more criteria the accommodation meets. The number of flowers indicates the quality of service and liveability of the farmhouses, understood as the ability to welcome and entertain guests in a beautiful environment with plenty of opportunities to spend leisure time.

A holiday on the farm is an experience worth trying!

Regeneration, authenticity, simplicity and the authenticity of small things: this is what a holiday on a Red Rooster farm represents. Staying here means coming into direct contact with animals and nature inebriated by its scents and colours, savouring the flavours of South Tyrolean tradition, breathing in the fresh, clean mountain air and living at your own pace.

The Gallo Rosso farmhouses are able to satisfy every need and taste. There are farms of historical interest, farms for horse-riding, cycling or hiking enthusiasts, farms for the disabled or CasaClima farms (which meet sustainability parameters), wellness farms for those who don't want to give up the spa, wine farms, Kneipp farms, specialised family farms with dedicated services, and high-altitude farms. Each farm may include several features together, for example, a specialised family farm might also have a spa and horses with riding stables.

A holiday on a farm starts in the morning with a rich and hearty breakfast prepared with love and passion by the farmer's hands. Farm guests can request breakfast in the flat, or have it in the common room, the Stube. The products are genuine and fresh, mostly from the farm: homemade cakes, chicken eggs, yoghurt, jams, freshly milked milk, fresh homemade bread, fruit juices, bacon and salami, cheese, farmer's butter, fresh fruit and much more. The best way to get the day off to a good start.

Guests also have the opportunity to assist the farmers in the various activities that take place daily on the farm, such as feeding the animals, cleaning the barn, harvesting hay, tidying the vegetable garden and milking the cows. This creates a more intimate relationship between man and nature.

Guided hikes with the farmers, on foot, by bicycle or with snowshoes in winter and theme evenings are also organised at the farm.

The pillars of Red Rooster

A holiday out of the box - Farmhouses, holidays with a difference

Farmhouses are the perfect choice for those who want to spend alternative holidays in nature, offering guests flats and rooms furnished in the South Tyrolean style and equipped with every comfort. Small structures to allow privacy and also exclusivity of the stay.

Quality products - farmhouse flavours

85 Red Rooster farms also offer authentic gastronomic products, made with at least 75 per cent of the raw material from the farm itself (the remaining 25 per cent comes from other local farms). These products must pass a 'blind tasting' by a specialised commission. Vinegars, fruit juices, vegetables in oil and vinegar, cheeses and dairy products and 18 other product categories can be purchased not only in the farm shop itself, but also in various markets and food shops in South Tyrol.

Farm inns - farms with taste

In addition to the farms with accommodation, there are the Red Rooster farm inns, where you can enjoy traditional South Tyrolean recipes made with fresh, seasonal ingredients. Dumplings, salted meat, lamb stew, smoked meats, Krapfen, Kaiserschmarren and strudel are some of the dishes on offer. 29 establishments, divided into Buschenschank (with their own wine production) and Hofschank (with at least one home-made meat dish), met the Association's selective membership criteria.

Creativity on the farm - farm handicrafts

Finally, 7 Red Rooster farms offer authentic handicraft products (Farmer's Crafts), made by hand without the use of industrial machines, with raw materials from the farm itself or from surrounding farms. Beautiful wood-carved objects, weaving and turning work, decorated goose eggs and crocheted sheep's wool work are available in the farm shops.

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