Curiosity and insights on the Dolomites of Trentino, South Tyrol, Bellunese and Friuli

Holy Spirit Church in Laces

With the works of the Sveve sculptor Jörg Lederer, in Val Venosta, the late gothic style took expression and brightness. The triptych in the church of Laces goes back to 1524, and is a proof

S. John Church in Tubre

A significant evidence of the Romanesque art is represented by the church of the home of the Gerosolomitians of S. John in Tubre. The original cross shape of the foundation is particular in

The best ski runs in the Dolomites

To make your winter holiday in the Dolomites all the more exciting, we prepared for you a list of the best ski runs. Some of the trails you find here are famous all around the world, since on

Rabbi Spa

The healing properties of the waters of the Rabbi spa in Val di Sole-Trentino were known since 1600, and these thermal waters became the favorites of the Austrian Imperial Court. A natural

Terme Dolomia spa

Only sulfuric hot spring of Trentino, the water of the Terme di Dolomia spa in the Val di Fassa valley helps regaining an optimal physical condition, prevents and cures some diseases and helps

Fauna - Natural Park of Adamello-Brenta

The extraordinary environmental conformation of the park territory allows the presence of a fauna including, among others, rare animal species. Among them, the brown bear, a shy, flesh-eating

Flora of Natural Park Adamello-Brenta

The rich,various flora and vegetation, due to the heterogeneous morphological and microclimatic conformation of the area, make a visit to the Natural Park Adamello-Brenta particularly


Sacred places, among castles and sanctuaries

The Valle di Non is a melting pot of art and architectural styles dating back to different ages

The historical and artistic heritage of the valley is very rich: the visitors find ancient

Climbing on Sella and Pordoi Pass

Gruppo di Sella - this group, together with the Pale di San Martino, the Dolomites of Brenta, unanimously presents the more solid cliff nearly everywhere. No wonder therefore if it's very

Climbing on Marmolada

Marmolada Group - it's a huge group. We can distinguish the following principal areas:
In the area of Fedàia modern ways have been opened, but here there's also the frightening via Mariacher on

Climbing in Cadore

Cadore is generally distinguished in "Basso" ("low", up to Pieve di Cadore), where the eventual climbing possibilities are only of an explorative type, and in general hard; "Centro Cadore" and

Climbing in Tre Cime di Lavaredo


The famous Tre Cime of Lavaredo are located between the Province of Belluno and the Alta Pusteria in South Tyrol. The Tre Cime are the most famous and most photographed mountains in the

Climbing in Auronzo and Misurina

Cadìni di Misurina - many nice and relatively short ways on good rock:

- Punta Col de Varda, W wall, via Comici, IV
- Campanile Dùlfer, via Dulfer, V
- Torre Wundt: via Mazzorana from SE, III+

Climbing in Marmarole

Marmarole Group: with base at Rif. Chiggiato, we suggest the practice wall (short ways) of Cresta d'Ajeròn, or the longest ways, 450 m., even V and VI, on Cresta degli Invalidi or on Croda

The life of San Romedio

The figure of San Romedio is a clear example of the phenomenon of the hermits that developed in Europe between the X and XI centuries.
Romedio, whose figure is linked to many legends, belonged