Galleria Piccolo Lagazuoi





Max.altitude: 2780 m
Difficulty: easy
Departure: Passo Falzarego (2105 m).
Differences in height: in the tunnel, 350 m; from the Falzarego, 700 m.
Duration: about 2 hours.

From the Passo Falzarego, by cablecar, you reach the station on the Piccolo Lagazuoi. From there, in about 10 minutes, you reach the entrance to the tunnel, dimly illuminated by few openings in the rock. Therefore, you must take a torch. Once out of the tunnel, on the Cengia Martini, turn left along path n.402 heading for the Passo Falzarego.
During World War I, the Piccolo Lagazuoi was an excellent bulwark against Italian attempts to break into the Val Badia. The Alpini, however, succeeded in attacking and occupying the Cengia Martini (2400 m). Austrian Kaiserjäger could do nothing but digging a tunnel in the attempt to eliminate this dangerous Italian posting. The Alpini were digging too in the meantime: they were realizing a spiral tunnel unwinding upwards. The Lagazuoi Tunnel and the ruins on the Cengia Martini are still an admonishing reminder of those nightmarish days.