The path of Masaré

Height difference:

600 m


  • Starting point: Passo di Costalunga 1745 m
  • Arriving point: Passo di Costalunga 1745 m
  • Height difference: 600 m
  • Walk duration: 4 hours
  • Difficulty: an itinerary that develops on paths or passage tracks in different kinds of grounds (pastures, detritus), usually with a signalling or sometimes on open grounds.
  • Recommended period: end of June to October
  • Access: from Vigo di Fassa or from Bolzano (S.S. 241)
  • Notes: from Passo di Costalunga follow the indications for Path 548 to the Roda di Vaèl Hut.



From Costalunga pass 1745m, in front of a bus stop (road barred) follow the directions of the path 548 to the Rifugio Roda Vaèl, first by road. Left left on trail 552 (20 min.), It continues taking along a debris area, then to a valley (construction), then in locations Paschè 2005 m. It followed the path to the valley. It gains altitude with increasing views reaching the Star of Ciampaz, with the nearby viewpoint Ciampaz. There are the refuge Pederiva 2273 m and the nearby, & quot; old & quot; Rotwandhütte 2280m (1:25 hours). From the pass, follow path 549 to the southwest, passing on the gravel under the tip of Masarè and the comfort level, touching the monument to Theodor Christomannos, pioneer of tourism Dolomites: a large bronze eagle (share in 2349, 20 min.). Left to the left the path 539, passing at the foot of Roda Devil and impressive & quot; red wall & quot; Vaèl of Roda, well known to climbers. It passes a rocky glacis with ladder and reach so the intersection with the signpost 552 to 2260 share (30 min.). Follow it to the left, dropping below the rocky end of Masarè, to accommodate several small valleys, pianeggiare south and reach the Rifugio Paolina 2125 m, mountain station of the chairlift connected to Karerpass (30 min.). For the path 552 descend in the direction of the step, it takes on the trail 548 (40 min.) And with this we return to the starting point (15 min.).