S. Vito - Serdes - Bosco de la Viza - Lago di S. Vito

Starting point: San Vito di Cadore
Difficulty: medio-facile; salita faticosa ripida e continua il primo tratto, discesa ripida e continua.
Duration: circa 40 minuti  

From S. Vito parish church descend towards the cemetery, on a slope on the river Boite. Here you will find, on the left, a non-asphalted road, difficult but short, which leads to the left bank of the river. Cross the wooden bridge and follow the flat stretch and then the climb. On a false flat road you will find an asphalted road, which leads to Serdes bridge. Follow the sign n. 436 till a bend where you will find a road closed by a barrier: pass it and continue along the excavated road that winds into the wood, sweetly uphill. The descent, steep in some stretches, will lead you to a little bridge and at a last hairpin bend of the asphalted road which descends from Rifugio Senes. From here, along the asphalted road, you will reach the lake of S. Vito. Itineraries suggested by Dott. Vinicio Tassani

Duration: 02:00 hours