13 km

Height difference:

430 m



Starting point: Nevegal place
Lenght: 13 km
Duration: 2-2,30 hours
Difficulty: binding
Difference in height: 430 m
Comments: for skilled excursionists

You start from the Nevegal place, descending the main road for about 400 m, till the second crossing with roundabout. Here turn towards Ponte Nelle Alpi, till the crossing to "Marasciada-Pascolèt": here turn right and climb an asphalted road that soon will become an excavated one.At the end of the climb, past two villas on the right, run along the road till the end of it, then get off your bike and continue on foot the grassy stretch.
Once you get the overhanging plateau continue straight ahead and then descend on the right, into a wood, where the track is more difficult: caution is recommended. Few ahead a short climb leads to a clearing with some little fir trees: continue till the fork of two paths, then turn left in a sweet descent. After about 50 metres turn left again till you appear at a wide and steep meadow. Then continue on the uneven path till the mule track (whereas if you turn left you will enter a short cut).
Continue on the right till you reach a wide panoramic clearing, and then, a bit ahead, descend on the left to the lower "Casera del diaol". Now enter the uneven unasphalted road on the right of the hut and continue for about 2 km: when you are at the asphalted road turn first right and then left till the village of Quantin. Beyond the church turn left and then, at the fountain, turn right until the town council road; now go straight ahead till the crossing: turn left on an uneven excavated road and after few binding stretch continue on the right till you pass the "Col Panàda" and through Via Calmàda turn left to be eventually back.