On the tracks of the old sheperd of Lamon mountain

(Lamon town council)

Starting point: from Lamon
Lenght: 20,7 km
Duration: 3 hours
Difficulty: easy
Difference in height: 750 m

Form the place of Lamon goes southward along the road to San Donato. Outside the hamlet a sign indicate a detour on the left to the Roman bridge of the old military Claudia Augusta Altinate route: on foot you descend through a staircase in the wood from where you can see the ancient construction. By bike again, climb the gravel slope that continues towards Rugna, and then, from here, turn left along the flat, asphalted road. Now you descend to San Donato, with Monte Coppolo overhanging it. At the junction turn right, while at the next one continue on the left in via Col Sec, pedalling towards Le Ei, where the Baita Tabià and the Restaurant El Tajol offer restoration.
Now you can start the descent to Lamon (along the slope opposite the one you climbed). At the hairpin bend with the crucifix leave the main road and continue along the unasphalted one. Past Le Saline, the road leads to the wonderful Scheid meadows; at the crossing with the junction turn left and go straight to the end of the road. On the left, behind two houses, a path in the wood leads to a spring. Now the path becomes more rambling. Past Furianoi turn left and enjoy the descent to Lamon!

Difficulty: Easy
Length: 21 km
Duration: 04:00 hours
Difference in altitude: 750 m