Horse trekking: Pian Cansiglio-Valmenera

Route Pian del Cansiglio-Pich-Valpiccola-Palughetto-Tiriton-Canaie-Pian Rosada-Valmenera-Pian del Cansiglio
Lenght 23.5 Km
Duration About 4.30 hours
Duration Easy, there is only one stony stretch to face on foot
Difference in height About 500 m
Recommended period From June to September

Leave the highroad at Rifugio S. Osvaldo and follow the track that climbs the meadow. Cross a pasture area and about 2 km after, you will reach I Pich;; then turn left along the "Q", path, which is now steeper and more uneven: continue on foot till a "white" road. Now you are in the road called "Strada del Taffarel", the "F" naturalistic path. Now turn right and go straight till the asphalted road, then turn to Palughetto.
Now enter the path which runs along the "Casa Forestale", which belongs to the High Route of Silence (n.6). At the highroad, cross it and enter the wood. Few metres ahead you will see a picnic area.
Now enter the suggestive path which leads to Canaie hamlet; then follow the asphalted flat road till Pian Rosada and turn left, next to the barrier.
After about 3 km, past another barrier, you will reach a crossing: here follow the downhill asphalted road to Piano di Valmenera; the road continues among a luxuriant vegetation.
At the crossing with the barrier, follow the "white" road, which runs along an ex fauna preserve. Continue along the "A" path and cross the border with the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, then turn right and begin to climb till a "white" road that will lead you to Pian del Cansiglio, not far from the starting point.

Difficulty: Easy
Length: 24 km
Duration: 06:00 hours
Difference in altitude: 500 m