The Lakes of the Alta Badia



Lakes of Pisciadù and Dragòn

They are in the great middle terrace of the Sella, along the Val Badia slope, at the top of the terraces of "Masòres".

  • From Passo Gardena, along Val Setùs: 1,30-2,00, hours(for expert excursionists)Turn into the path n. 666 as far as you reach the beginning of the Val Setùs. Above the path becomes steeper and you have to leave it and turn left into the steps. In this way you arrive to the middle terrace of the Sella, where there is the Rifugio Franco Cavazza al Pisciadù. To reach the lake of Dragòn, turn into the path n. 649, on the right, it will take about 20 minutes.


  • From Rifugio Boè: 1,45 hours (for export excursionists)Rifugio Boè can be reached in about 45 minutes along the path n. 627. North-east of the Rifugio, the path n. 666 descends to the pass from where it is possible to admire the Torre Berger; continue uphill as far as the junction:on the right the path descends to Sella Val Tita and reaches the Rifugio Pisciadù; on the left you reach the saddle of the Pisciadù (it takes about 30 minutes) from where the path n. 649 will lead to Val Ciadìn; descend along it as far as the lake of Dragòn.
  • From Colfosco to the lake of Pisciadù: 3 hours Alternative journey for those who do not want to climb to Val Setùs. Follow the path n. 676. Go uphill the Val de Mezdi as far as you reach 2280 m then turn right.