Famiglia Balestra

In Zoldo Alto, the Balestras let 3 apartments at Pecol and 2 apartments at Rutorbol, 500 m. from Fusine.In winter, the Civetta District offers the lovers of ski 80 km of fantastic slopes, divided into 2 areas, i.e. Pecol and Palafavera, where you can even ski at night (from Tuesday to Saturday - from 7,00 p.m. to 11,00 p.m.). In summer you can go both for easy and challenging hikes on the Mounts Civetta, Pelmo, Bosconero al Mezzodì.The apartments situated at Rutorbol are the ideal place for those who love nature and quiet both in summer and winter - otherwise, if you wish all comforts within reach, we recommend the flats in Pecol.