Now in the wellness centers you can find the infrared sauna, a new type of sauna having many beneficial effects on your health and on your general well-being. The heat created reduces pain and stress and purifies the skin, making you feel beautiful and physically fit.

Unlike Finnish saunas, in infrared saunas infrared heaters produce infrared radiation that heat the skin directly, with a depth of penetration up to 5 cm, thus increasing greatly the beneficial effects on body and mind. In fact, a session in an infrared sauna increases blood circulation and nourishes damaged tissues.

Moreover, this type of dry heat diminishes the pain of rheumatism and contractures, prevents colds and sinusitis, helps healing asthma and other respiratory tracts diseases, strengthens the immune systems and helps eliminating toxins. Infrared sauna is good also for your look: a 25 minutes session burns body fat thus helping you lose weight, reduces cellulite and beautifies your skin. Infrared saunas raise the rate of energy expenditure: a 30 minutes session is equivalent to running 10-15 km.

Like Finnish saunas, it is advisable to check your physical conditions before a session. People suffering of epilepsy, of heart conditions or problems, or having a pacemaker shouldn't use an infrared sauna. Sessions shouldn't take more than 30 minutes.