Ayurvedic massage


The ayurvedic massage has ancient Indian origins and comes from the ayurveda medicine, developed about 3000 years ago, a philosophy considering body and soul as inseparable. According to this philosophy, a good lifestyle, a healthy diet and massages are fundamental to prevent illness. The ayurvedic massage restores the balance between the different forces present in your body, fights stress and preserves the vital forces of your body.



This massage prevents and slows down the aging process, helps you overcome physical and mental fatigue, strengthens your body, favors longevity, improves sleep quality and general physical and mental wellness.



The massage takes a long time, about 60/80 minutes, with beneficial effects even on internal organs. For a more effective and penetrating massage special Indian oils (sesame, olive, mustard) are used, oils that beautify the skin. To favor relaxation, you will be surrounded by a calm and quiet atmosphere in a warm room with a dim lightning, pleasant scents and relaxing background music.