An ideal vacation: wellness and relaxation in the Dolomites

What's better than a sauna or a hot hydromassage deep in the woods? In the Dolomites welfare, health and relaxation are always our top priority. The multitude of different baths, massages and treatments that you can do in cured Spa & wellness centers is infinite, you’ll only have to choose! Baths with essential oils, hay baths, baths with sea salts, hot stone massage, shiatsu massage, lymph drainage, and even tropical showers, ayurvedic massages and saunas of each temperature


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Abinea Dolomiti Romantic & SPA Hotel
Abinea Dolomiti Romantic Spa Hotel: wellness in Castelrotto

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Terme delle Dolomiti spa

The spa Terme delle Dolomiti situated in Padola di Comelico has been closed on November 2012.

The spa Terme delle Dolomiti, initially placed in Valgrande in Comelico (to the North of the...

Primrose against respiratory tract infections

It is really surprising how this plant succeeds in avoiding auto-pollination, thus defending its own species at best. The process is interesting and quite complicated. There are two types of primrose flowers that are...

Willow against fever and pain

The Willow-tree is a grey/silvery tree that grows along the shores of streams and rivers, near marshes and in wet woods. The willow is a tree of medium size, with a trunk covered with a pale yellow bark and many...