Molveno lake: windsurf, canoe, sailing

The Molveno Lake, with its clear water which comes from the Brenta peaks and the Paganella slopes, offers the possibility of ploughing the waves with windsurf, canoe, sailing, rowing and pedal boats.

The alternation of colours, from blue to green, makes the sight fade into the lake waters and the shore, as if the maple, hazel and birch woods plunge into the lake and cover its shores.

Moreover the lake has been the seat of many international events.

In the hotter season it is possible to dive in its clear and fresh water and swim between a sunbath and a tennis match.

Its rich fishing fauna gave the opportunity to the patient fishermen of challenging themselves against trouts, perches, pikes, and all the other fishes which live in the lake, both from the shores and the boats.

Surface elevation: 864 m
Length: 4.4 km
Maximum depth: 123 m
Main tributaries Ceda, rio Lambin, rio Massodi, rio delle Seghe
Fish: Perch, Arctic char, Tench, Salvelinus fontinalis, Lake char.

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