Feltre- Via Mezzaterra

The colourful frescoed walls of Feltre's palaces are one of the most interesting features of this town. They bear witness to a rich, powerful and cultivated society that lived and prospered under the rule of the Serenissima - the Republic of Venice. These paintings reveal important details referring to local history and the relations between Feltre and Venice.
Via Mezzaterra climbs the hill where the old citadel lies and leads directly to Piazza Maggiore. Splendidly decorated buildings - mainly of the Renaissance period - overlook this street.

Casa Norcen, built in 1802, shows a bas-relief facade; Palazzo Villabruna is one of the most luxuriant palaces in the town; Casa Aldovini-Mezzanotte is completely decorated with late-16th century frescoes representing Roman scenes on the main wall and Greek scenes on the eastern wall. Again, we must remember Casa Lusa and Casa Muffoni, on the facade of which the huge family blazon stands out and is surrounded by painted architectures, landscapes and portraits. The last part of the street features buildings that were once decorated with inscriptions and blazons later erased by the French after the fall of the Serenissima.

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