Vie ferrate on the Dolomites: find out the most beautiful

The via ferratas are mountain route equipped with steel cables, ladders, and other fixed anchors, for example wooden walkways and suspended bridges. In order to travel safety, you must have the proper equipment, such as helmet, harness, ferrata gloves, short lengths of rope, carabiners, a braking device, ice axe, crampons and headlight. There are different difficult levels: easy, medium difficult, difficult and very difficult. Climbers from all over the world come to the Dolomites to face the most exciting via ferratas of Trentino, South Tyrol and Bellunese. Here you can find the most attractive via ferratas with all the information to plan at best your holiday in the Dolomites



Passport to the Dolomites for trekking lovers

Just like a normal passport, the Passport to the Dolomites was created a few years ago. For those accustomed to travelling, the Passport represents not only a travel document, but a collection of memories. The stamps...

Play sports in Levico Terme

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