Ötzi Alpin Marathon

Event date 30-04-2022

A thrilling extreme triathlon competition will take place on 30th April 2022 in Val Senales: the participants of the Ötzi Alpin Marathon will challenge each other in three spectacular disciplines: mountain bike, running and ski mountaineering. The competition will be held on Saturday.

It starts from Naturno (554 m) to reach the Val Senales glacier at a height of more than 3,212 m above sea level.
The bikers will face 25,1 km from Naturno to Madonna di Senales, runners will run 10,5 km from Madonna di Senales to Maso Corto between paths and paved roads, while alpine skiers will ski 6,5 km from Maso Corto to Grawand.

5 pm: start Cyclocross Expert

9 am: start of individual athletes for women and men
10 am: start of the women and men teams
12.30 am: arrival at Grawand on the Val Senales glacier
1 pm: Ötzi Alpin & Pasta - Party for the athletes