The #dolomitesvives event ends, also attended

04 September 2017

Let's return not only silence, but tranquility to these mountains (R. Messner)

On Wednesday, August 30, the #dolomitesvives project, the initiative undertaken by the Autonomous Provinces of Trento and Bolzano, in collaboration with the UNESCO Dolomiti Foundation, which in July and August closed the streets of Passo Sella in the name of environmental protection, sustainability and eco-friendly mobility, came to an end.
On the last day, was also present, and silently in a BMW i8, the new modern and sustainable sports car with a powerful plug-in hybrid system provided by technical partner Gruppo Motorsport, paid tribute to these beautiful mountains.

#dolomitesvives: discovery, sustainability, mobility

On these nine summer Wednesdays one was able to reach the Passo Sella only by bicycle, on foot, or by local or electric public transport, starting from Ortisei and Selva Valgardena in Val Gardena and Canzei in Val di Fassa every 15 minutes, and from Val Badia every 60 minutes.
Good public attendance: Passo Sella was the undisputed reign of cyclists, hikers, and nature lovers who were able to discover the charm of the Dolomites in a responsible, ecological, and sustainable manner thanks to the many organized events, divided into three themes; music, taste, and myths: theatrical performances and jazz concerts, food and wine events in the winter shelters, showcooking, guided hikes to discover geologic and dolomitic landscapes, and events.

The official EURAC study data, compiled in collaboration with the Air Bureau and the Mobility Management which will analyze the impact of the closures on the daily lives of residents and guests, and on tourism activities, is not yet available, but initial numbers appear positive: about 200-300 people attended each event. October is when monitoring data of this pilot project will be fully available; it will be useful and fundamental to understand which strategies to adopt for the future of the Dolomites. A future made of sustainability, tranquility, and low pollution. an eco-friendly Wednesday at the Passo Sella

Choosing silence as the theme for the day, David Pirrello, CEO and founder of, Emily Louise Simonis, Partner and Brand Manager, and Partner Diego De Battista, have come to the Sella Pass with the BMW i8 provided by Gruppo Motorsport, a luxury car with an innovative design and sporting character that, thanks to BMW eDrive technology and three-cylinder BMW TwinPower Turbo 1.5 liter engine, combines the benefits of both electric and gasoline engines.

Starting from the Plan de Gralba in electric mode - one can choose COMFORT mode and ride without the support of the combustion engine as long as the battery isn’t exhausted or by ECO PRO mode - reaching the Passo Sella in a comfortable and totally sustainable manner, blending in with pedestrians and bicycles alike. Here, the panorama is truly unique: the Sella and Sassolungo ranges in all their grandeur.

A wonderful experience and then some. An opportunity "to test the sustainability of the closure of the passes in order to measure the effects and be able to develop a plan over time in our portal," commented CEO David Pirrello. The commitment of has always been to represent the Dolomite territory, and will be so more and more in the coming years: "Over the next 20 years we want to continue to represent it. And we are wondering today what will happen over time. Sustainability, the closure of the passes, and the events that can be organized to continue to have quality tourism and value this territory. Today we are wondering what the right path is."

A path that is studying and achieving in the One land One brand project with the goal of transforming the portal into a single large tourist destination centered entirely on the Dolomite territory "... what we want is an identity for, for this brand and the destination. The name must convey all kinds of information: expectation, demand, desire, information, and travel must be represented by the brand."

An important day that concluded with the Cook the Mountain Dolomites Taste Tour event, promoting sustainability from one table to the next. Six venues and as many recognized chefs offered a wine and food route that respected the environment during which guests were able to taste the best selected products of South Tyrol.
A project started two years ago and designed by Chef Norbert Niederkofler to give an identity to mountain cuisine, enhancing knowledge, high altitude techniques, and sustainability in the kitchen.

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