The village of Trichiana, also called Village of Books for its yearly prize for literature, rises on the left bank of the Piave River, in the center of the Val Belluna valley, in the province of Belluno. The area, enclosed between the pre alps of Belluno and three streams, features many Veneto villas. It features also some natural attractions, such as the Brent de l'Art, and is a favorite destination for nature lovers, who find here a lot of trails for mountain biking and Nordic walking.

Trichiana connects the provinces of Belluno and Treviso through the San Boldo Pass. Famous for the prize for literature Premio Letterario Trichiana Paese del Libro, the village hosts many Veneto villas, scattered on its administrative divisions: Villa Montalban in Pialder, Villa Alpago Novello in Frontin, Villa Agosti in Villanova, Villa Piloni in Casteldardo, and Villa Girlesio in S. Antonio di Tortal. In Casteldardo you find also a Medieval tower, which is all that remains of the castle.

You can visit the villas following by bike or by car the route Giro delle Ville, which is 11.5 km long.

Trichiana features many natural attractions, such as the wetlands of Pranolz and Busnador, the river area of the bridge of San Felice, and the Brent de l'Art, a wonderful canyon carved by the waters of the Ardo stream. There are many trails for mountain biking and Nordic walking. In summer the village hosts the event Melere. Trichiana is home of reporter and writer Tina Merlin.

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The picnic areas in Valbelluna

Picnic areas in Valbelluna:

Municipality of Belluno Place
Nevegal Opening time: from May to September
Bar: yes Restrooms: yes
Playground: yes
Trekking tours: Col Toront, Col...

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