Tramonti di Sopra

Tramonti di Sopra is a small village located in the upper Val Tramontina valley, in the province of Pordenone, in the north-west part of the Italian region of Friuli Venezia Giulia. The territory is scattered with over 150 hamlets, and in this area you find also some old churches and the ruins of a castle. Many are the natural attractions, like the Aquila di Frascola, a rock having the shape of an eagle with spread wings, and the wonderful hiking trails. Interesting events take place during the year.

Together with Tramonti di Sotto, Tramonti di Sopra is one of the municipalities included in the nature reserve Parco Naturale delle Dolomiti Friulane, a fact that underlines the value of the natural heritage of this territory, with the wonderful landscapes, the valleys towered by Dolomites, and strange rocks like the Aquila del Frascola, resembling and eagle with spread wings. You can see it from the picnic area of Sottrivea, where you find also a big anthill, a major attraction for all children!

Hikers find here a lot of easy-to-medium trails. There is for example the Strada delle fornaci (open all year round), the trail leading on mount Rest and the one to the Chiampis mountain hut (both open from March to October), the trail to Pria and the trail of the gangway. In summer you can practice canyoneering in the Meduna, Silisia, Ru de Rusbet and Viellia, and fishing in the area of the Meduna.
In winter you can explore the many snowshoeing trails.

Tramonti di Sopra has a lot of historical and cultural attractions: the ruins of the old castle, the fossil museum with finds of the Val Tramontina valley and surroundings, and some churches. The 16 century parish church of San Floriano features a baroque style altar, while the Chiesa della Madonna hosts a statue of the Virgin Mary.

By the picnic area of Sottriva you can see some old lime kilns (restored), and several mills are scattered on the territory: the mill of Frassaneit, the mill of Pradiel, dating back to 1866, and the Zatti mill, built at the end of the 19 century. Walking along the alleys of the village and in the hamlet of Chievolis, on the shores of the Redona lake, you can admire some murals depicting old jobs.

Some of the events taking place around the year: the Festa del Sole, in March, with local products and traditional music, the Festa della Montagna, taking place in July, and the Festa della Madonna della Salute, towards the end of November.

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