Ancient flavors of Belluno

The food of Belluno is a mountain food, which has its origins in the Dolomitic ground: sober, simple, essential, but that does not mean poor, thanks to all those natural ingredients, that sometimes seems to be really rare.

Herbs are worthy of the maximum attention and use; vegetables, pulses, fruit allows delicious first courses: soups beans, nettles, mushrooms, barley, or rice with pumpkin or milk. Stale bread with olive oli, salt and sage make a typical dish of the area: the panada; pumpkin dumplings with grated smoked ricotta (unsalted cheese), all soaked in melted butter.

Extremely tasty, especially when gone with potatoes, sausages, fried and not fried cheese, is the polenta made with the maize flour, cooked in the copper pot, that, once poured on the taier, let the croste (crusts), that can be soon turned into a delicious soup with the add of garlic and spinach. These are all simple suggestions by those who have to face the few things they have at their disposal.Traditions are respected also in the main courses with lamb cooked with different herbs and spices, chicken, and the unfailing game and the classic pastin, the salami kneading flavoured with sage and then browned; or the cabbage gone with pork cutlets.

Take delight in the kodinzon, delicate apple sheets dryed at the sun, in the sbatudin, a very tasty energy-giving made with youlk and sugar shaked together.
After-dinner liqueur ant the "queen" grappa (a rough, strong brandy) takes wonderful flavours from fruit.

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