Sled-dog, Dog-trekking, Dog-bike

Sled dog racing is a winter sport consisting in running on a sled pulled by a sled dog team (usually Siberian Huskies or other Nordic breeds, used to the cold winter temperatures).

Dog sleds were originally used in North America and Europe as a transport mean. Anyway, the first sled dog races were organized a long time ago. Nowadays sled dog racing is a winter sport allowing everybody to feel the extraordinary emotion of running on snow with these wonderful animals.

Sleddog can be done in the Alpine regions and on the Dolomites. It is easy to learn and suitable for children too, helping them to learn to respect and love animals.

In order to become a "musher" (dog sled driver), you need to learn the sled dog commands, in an Alaskan dialect.

Dog sleds are light but highly resistant.

Dogs can be protagonists on the snow too! Thank to three activities: sled-dog, the sledge dragged by wonderful Siberian huskys; dog trekking, which consists in being dragged by the dog, to which you are clinged by a sling; and the dog-bike, "on the back" of a mountain bike dragged by a dog.
There are two very suitable itineraries for dog biking: the first one from Padola to Lienz; and the second one from Padola to Cortina.