Ski Mountaineering in Comelico and Sappada

Where the Dolomites blend with the more gentle Carnic Alps, you will find more and more opportunities for ski mountaineering. In fact, Comelico and Sappada offer many kinds of ski mountaineering routes. For example, you can start in Comèlico, cross many saddles and reach the long Gail valley in Austria, or climb the Sentinella Pass (for expert skiers), or reach the Monte Croce Comelico pass.

A very beautiful route starts in Santo Stefano and takes to Val Grande dei Brentoni; anyway, be careful: the avalanche risk in this area is very high. An imposing landscape can be admired with the crossing of Longerin, from Val Visdende to Val Digòn valley. If you prefer something easier, you can ski along the long Costa della Spina from Nèmes to Dosoledo.

Sappada offers the short and yet rewarding ascento to Mount Lastroni with the Olbe lift facilities or the ski mountaineering itinerary on the Mulo Pass. Crossing the Sèsis Pas, which has to be reached on foot, you can descend trough Val Fleòns valley and arrive in Forni Avoltri, in Carnia.