Ski mountaineering: spirit of observation, technique and common sense

To enjoy the emotions a ski mountaineering track offers it is necessary to pay attention to your equipment and to some devices. Sealskins, for example, are a very important detail: care and attention must be given to them since you remove them from your skis and and you fold them. Do not forget to keep them out of dirt. In fact, sometimes you have to face itineraries which ask several changes and for that reason speed and effectiveness of your system are very important. Usually the glue of a single skin, if well preserved and kept, can work for a whole season, however it is always better to have some sellotape with you.

Those who are used to practise only downhill, as they climb for their first time with sealskins under their skis, will discover new emotions and new horizons. But a good and adequate training is essential. Besides a good strenght and muscular endurance, it is fundamental to train the cardiac, circulatory and respiratory systems to face problems connected to high altitudes. At the gymnasium you can train with some "cardio-fitness" machines, and in particular with a "Run" for at least 30 minutes.