Ski mountaineering in San Martino di Castrozza

In Trentino, between the Pale di San Martino and the Lagorai chain, there are many offers for ski touring. Ski-mountaineering routes are of varying difficulty: from picturesque trekking to backcountry.
Specifically, the Alpine Guides advise:

Crossing the plateau of the Pale: from Rosetta cable car station to Val Canali, a very picturesque landscape.
Classic route - Difficulty: medium
Difference in height 400 m and descent: 1400 m

Rise to Colbricon Small: starting from Punta Ces. Along the way you can make meetings with chamois. A unique experience.
Difficulty: intermediate, challenging.

Ascent to Cima Mulaz: from Baita Segantini, descent along the Val Venegia to climb up to 2906 meters of Cima Mula. From here we return to the valley floor.
Difficulty: only for the most experienced.

Cima Laste: itinerary in the Lagorai area. It is surrounded by the Pale di San Martino, the Lagorai and the many peaks of the Dolomites. In this area there is between Cembri pines and larches.

Cima Juribrutto: Always set in the Lagorai area, the route runs along the front of the First World War.

Forcella Sternozzena: the fork is in a little-known area of ​​Lagorai, but this ski mountaineering output provides strong emotions in a unique and pristine environment.

Cima Bocche: the route is between the Cima Laste and Cima Juribrutto, on the way that goes up in the massive highest porphyry. From the summit you can admire a 360 ° landscape.

Cima Paradisi: this route is located in the heart of Lagorai, in the midst of beautiful unspoilt landscapes with a view towards the Lagorai chain and the massif of Cima d'Asta. In this area there are also the braids from the First World War.

Cima Folga: it is an itinerary that gives great satisfaction to ski mountaineering lovers. Fold the top perfectly represents the Lagorai group.

Traversata della Fradusta: the most classic among cross the magnificent Dolomites. The traversata della Fradusta (Crossing Fradusta) is a pearl for ski touring.

Cima d'Asta: a summit between the famous ski mountaineering lovers. The environment is wild and little frequented. From the summit of Cima d'Asta will dominate all other peaks, surrounded by breathtaking scenery.
Difficulty: challenging.

Canalone della Val Pradidali: descent down the canyon of Val Pradidali. Ideal for a fantastic ride on Free-Ride.