Intensity of physical exercises

 Strenuous workout: explosive exercise of very short duration

  • Burns the ATP stored in the muscles and the creatine phosphate 
  • Should have a duration of maximum 6-10 seconds 
  • The supplies of ATP and creatine phosphate will have to be restored through other metabolic processes.

Vigorous workout: maximal exercise of short duration

  • Activates anaerobic glycolysis 
  • Burns the blood glucose and the glycogen stored in the muscles 
  • No use of oxygen 
  • Should have a duration of maximum 60-120 seconds 
  • Can be repeated only if energy levels are restored through aerobic glycolysis

Moderate workout: submaximal exercise

  • Uses oxygen 
  • Burns the glycogen stored in muscles and in the liver through the aerobic glycolysis 
  • Can have a duration of 60-120 minutes (until the supplies of glycogen are used up)

Light workout: exercise at 50% of perceived maximum effort

  • Burns for 1/3 glycogen and for 2/3 stored fat 
  • Virtually endless 
  • Needs adequate supplies of glycogen