HIGH ROUTES of the Dolomites

The "High Routes" of the Dolomites are alpine trekking routes that connect various refuges. In general they are not particularly difficult, at least for those who are used to walking in the mountains. There are 8 routes provided with indications and marked with a characteristic symbol: a triangle with a number that labels each route.
The possibility to stay at a refuge - reservation is recommended - is guaranteed from the end of June to the end of September, but as bad weather is not uncommon in the mountains it is always better to be well equipped. Remember: do not set out without the help of maps and publications that illustrate the route accurately.

The 8 High Routes of the Dolomites are:

 Alta Via n.1 from Lago di Braies (BZ) to Belluno (BL)
 Alta Via n.2  from Bressanone (BZ) to Feltre (BL)
 Alta Via n.3  from Villabassa-Niederdorf (BZ) to Longarone (BL)
 Alta Via n.4  from San Candido (BZ) to Pieve di Cadore (BL)
 Alta Via n.5  from Sesto (BZ) to Pieve di Cadore (BL)
 Alta Via n.6  from Piave sources (BL) to Vittorio Veneto (TV)
 Alta Via n.7 in the Prealpi dell’Alpago zone (BL)
 Alta Via pre-Dolomiti n.8  from Feltre (BL) to Bassano del Grappa (VI)