Golf in the Dolomites

The respect of rules is fundamental in playing golf, since many players often do not observe them and distort the results. For that reason it would be always a good idea to ask for the new "Golf Rules", which includes all the new rules, which are necessary to be known!

Misjudging distances is a common mistake that many golfers make and it is often due to a wrong perception of depth or to the difficulty of locating the target. Tiredness and stress or weak control of the eye can be decisive factors... so pay attention.

Many people consider golf a game and not a sport! This is why they do not dedicate to much time to training before playing.

A good flexibility: assures a proper and balanced position and it decreases the risk of accidents. Moreover, if the player is flexible, he can make a "softer" swing without spending too much energy.
In order to prevent back troubles, a good position and good muscles conditions are necessary. In particular good abdominal muscles are required for controlling flexibility and the trunk rotation and for generating the maximum power in a "drive".
The back muscles control the stability, whereas the abdominal ones control flexibility and trunk rotation.

To play golf well, it is necessary to be in very good physic-physic condition, and a correct alimentation is necessary for overcoming the 4 or 5 hours of a match with a good control and a good performance. Diet must be nourishing but balanced: in this case carbohydrates are fundamental!
Dehydration is one of the danger a golfer can be in, especially if the day is hot. During the day it is necessary to drink at least two litres of liquids.