Climbing in Agordino

The Cordevole Valley is pretty long and flanked with famous groups.
In the "low" Agordino, i.e. along the tract from Belluno/Sedico to Agordo, the road insinuates between the Schiara and Monti del Sole Groups. Here only the more experts will enter with climbing pretensions: the area is wild and offers only exploration climbs, which are very demanding.

Group of Tàmer - Here there is a beautiful classic way: the south edge of Tàmer, of Crepaz (III e IV), access from the Passo Duràn road.

Group of Moiazze - only recently discovered by the mass - offers a lot of easy and beautiful climbs starting from Passo Duràn:
- in less than 1 h walk then you find the panoramic Rifugio Carestiato, just under the walls;
- Torre Jolanda: "Topo" edge (IV) and the beautiful but difficult ways of Soro Dorotei
- Pala della Gigia: Via Benvegnù, IV and V
- Pala dei Bò: there are at least three beautiful ways of IV
- Pala del Belìa: Vie Sorarù and Da Roit, IV-V, but also more difficult ways
- Pala delle Masenade: Vie Bonetti (V+), Soldà (V and VI), and particularly the sensational Via Decima (V)
- Croda Paola, Via Soldà (III and V+), and many others!
- The low wall of Scalèt delle Masenade offers many short but well attended ways.

The east slope of the group on the contrary presents very high walls, with beautiful ways of which however we don't know much.

Group of Civetta
Livinallongo - apart from the Sella Group, climbers will go above all towards the already mentioned area of Passo Falzarego and from here to the classic destinations of Torri di Falzàrego, Piccolo Lagazuòi and Sass de Stria. But if you cross Passo Campolongo you can go down to Val Badia and...

Sella and Pordoi Pass
Group of Pale di San Martino - the Trento slope (San Martino di Castrozza e Val Canali) is the more attracting for climbers, for obvious reasons: it's comfortable, sunny, well equipped by shelters. The Belluno slope is lonely, strict, wild. Nevertheless from Falcade/Passo di Vallès you can go up to Rifugio del Mulàz and here choose between: the beautiful and spectacular ways on the W wall of Mulàz (via dei Tedeschi, V+), Pilastro Grigio (VI-) the crossing of Campanili dei Lastèi (IV and V) or Pfeffer Kamp on Campanile Alto (V e VI), or Deye on Cima Zopèl (IV) or Campanile del Focobòn.

In the Valle di San Lucano, in Col di Pra, there are a campsite and two inns. You dominate both from the Pale di San Lucano than from Agnèr, that present the highest walls of the Oriental Alps, more than 1500 m. It is obvious that here only expert people can climb. Therefor, apart from the N edge of Agnèr (1500 m, V+) or the difficult via Jori (V and V+), any other option is known by those who would think of climbing here. On the sunny slope of Frassenè dell'Agnèr (in Frassenè contact the guide Carlo Della Lucia) there's at least one beautiful comfortable way: the Campanile San Marco (IV) an original needle over Rif. Scarpa Gurekian, chairlift from the village.

Group of Cimònega - it belongs to the Dolomites of Feltre; the north slope faces Gosaldo and Passo Cereda. There are many ways for experts on Piz de Sagròn as well as on the near towers. Check up in the guide!