Shiatsu massage

The shiatsu massage is an ancient Japanese technique originating from traditional Chinese medicine. It isn't a simple massage, but a true philosophy. Combining acupressure and massage made using hands, elbows and feet, this technique reaches the deepest vital points and frees the energy that harmonizes the different forces within the body.

Shiatsu is a technique acting on the electromagnetic forces of the body. By putting pressure on superficial points called tsubo along the energy channels, the vital energy called Qi is stimulated, with beneficial effects on body and mind.

A session lasts about one hour and is usually preceded by stretching exercises to activate your energy. Then the masseur starts working energetically on your pressure points with his thumbs and fingertips, gradually increasing intensity.

Shiatsu therapy helps easing and curing various types of diseases like headache, a stiff neck, cervical arthrosis, insomnia, anxiety, cough and asthma, digestive disorders, constipation and colitis. Shiatsu also improves blood circulation, strengthens the nervous and immune systems and the bones structure.

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