Pejo Spa

In the nature reserve of the National Park Stilfser Joch (Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio) flows a thermal water with healing properties: it is the water of the Pejo spa in the Val di Sole valley, in Trentino, used to cure respiratory, circulatory, rheumatic and dermatologic diseases and for aesthetic treatments. Besides hydrotherapy, the spa offers a gym, saunas and swimming pools for the wellness of body and mind.

The Pejo spa rises at an altitude of 1390 meters. The spa exploits the fresh and pure waters of three different hot springs: Fonte Alpina, a low mineral content water; Antica Fonte, a bicarbonated, ferruginous and carbonic water; and the Nuova Fonte, a natural sparkling mineral water containing bicarbonate, calcium, magnesium and iron. In hydroponic treatments the first helps eliminating metabolic waste and cleansing of the urinary tract (it is recommended to drink at least 2 liters per day), the second regulates bowel movement, and the third cures gastrointestinal diseases.

The water of the Antica Fonte is used also for inhalation treatments and for carbon gas baths, oxygenating the body and curing articular inflammation. The mineral water of Nuova Fonte is used in the phlebology treatments to fight swelling and cellulite.

The spa operates within the National Health Service and offers also rehabilitation programs, massages and a wellness center with swimming pools, gym, saunas and beauty farm.

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Terme di Pejo
via delle Acque Acidule, 3
38024 Peio (TN)
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Opening season

From December to April

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