Massages tecniques

Since ancient time the massage technique has been one of the most common treatments used for relieving pain, because it has always been associated to the idea of wellness and pleasure. Each one of us practice this tecnique everyday, rubbing a stiff shoulder or to reduce the pain of a part of our body. Massage is a precise and sequential manipulation of muscle and connective tissue that reduces pain, tones and enhances physical and mental wellness.

Massage is the oldest form of medical treatment: it was already known by the Chinese in 2700 b. C., by the Indians, the Egyptians and the Greeks. The latters developed many massage tecniques: from sports massages for the olympic games to medical massage. During the centuries other techniques developed: shiatsu, ayurvedic, relaxing, hawaiian and beauty massage...daily practiced in the wellness and relax centers.

The massage "virtues" are countless: it helps you relax after a hard day of work. Moreover, massages keep the body fit and in good health, regenerating tissues and correcting the working of the organs.

A massage strengthen the immune system, improves circulation and eliminates dead cells, allowing the absorption of nourishing elements which smooth the skin.