Levico and Vetriolo spas

Levico and Vetriolo spas in Levico Terme and Vetriolo, in Trentino: healing waters curing anxiety, diseases of the locomotor system, gynecological and dermatological diseases. These arsenic-ferruginous waters calm the nervous system.

The waters of Levico and Vetriolo spas are unique in Italy for their high concentration of iron and arsenic salts that, taken on small doses and under the supervision of a doctor, have beneficial effects on the nervous system and on the thyroid. This water is also especially effective against stress.

These pure and completely natural waters have always been used as a natural remedy against diseases and for decades the spas have employed them in their healing treatments. The treatments offered in these spas, operating within the National Health Service, are balneotherapy for blood, thyroid and skin diseases, inhalation for respiratory tracts infections, irrigations, baths and pelvic mud therapy for gynecological diseases and chronic inflammations.

The spas offer also massages and physiotherapy for rehabilitation in the functional rehabilitation center, with a team of rehabilitation professionals.

More information:
Terme di Levico e Vetriolo
Viale Vittorio Emanuele, 10 - 38056 Levico Terme, TRENTO 
tel: +39 0461.706077
email: info@termedilevico.it

Opening season of Levico and Vetriolo spa resorts

Levico spa resort: from December to February 12

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