Hot stone massage

The hot stone massage uses hot or cold volcanic rocks, usually basalts, to massage the body and has a lot of beneficial effects like easing muscular and rheumatic pain and helping curing backache, insomnia and depression. It gives you a general sensation of wellbeing that reflects also on your spirit.

This technique follows ancient traditions of the American Indians, the Egyptian and the Sumerians, who discovered the healing properties of stones, that can absorb or release heat: in fact a massage can be made with hot or with cold stones.

During a hot stone massage usually volcanic stones heated in water up to a temperature of 65-70°C are used. The part to be treated is first prepared with oil, then a hot stone is put on it. When the stone has cooled, it is replaced with another hot one. This treatment is used to ease muscular pain and backache, and to cure depression and insomnia. It is not recommended to people suffering from capillary fragility, who should instead try the cold stone massage.

The cold stone massage uses white stones like quartz, cooled with ice. This type of massage strengthens and stimulates the circulatory system and the muscles.

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