Hawaiian massage

Hawaiian massage mimics the movement of the waves of the ocean and symbolizes harmony between the Hawaiians, water and their land. The massage, in fact, is made of slow and gentle movements producing a complete relaxation of body and mind. It is a massage of the soul that relaxes and tones up.

The Hawaiian massage is an ancient sacred ritual, a healing technique performed with hands and forearms by one or two masseurs. It is a pleasant and effective treatment that massages your muscles and connective tissue; during the session oils and essences are used, and Hawaiian music plays in the background.

The treatment is founded on two axioms of Huna, an Hawaiian philosophy pursuing love and harmony. The massage starts from the nape and goes down along the back to the feet. The same procedure is then followed on the front part of the body. The practice has beneficial effects on the lymphatic, circulatory and respiratory systems, on muscles and articulations. On a spiritual level it brings relaxation and helps fighting depression.

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