Bath with essential oils

When you add essential oils, the bath becomes a moment of relaxation and wellness. Essential oils are known since ancient times and nowadays relax centers offer a series of treatments using oils that have beneficial properties and help curing almost every kind of health-related problems.

Essential oils are concentrated liquids containing volatile aroma compounds extracted from plants by distillation or expression. The study and use of these extracts for healing purposes is known as phytotherapy, a worldwide known discipline. On the other hand, aromatherapy exploits the specific properties of each essential oil: depurative, antioxidant, calming, diuretic...

Oils are used in small quantities due to high concentration of active ingredients and can be used in many ways: by topical application in baths, whirlpools and massages; by aerial diffusion to purify and perfume the air; by direct inhalation in irrigations, aerosols, inhalations and gargles.

Wellness and relax centers usually use them for baths and massages: only a few drops can help healing minor diseases, but can also prevent them, giving you complete wellness of body and soul. Bathing in warm or lukewarm water, you will not only enjoy the beneficial effects these oils have on your skin - in fact they help fighting cellulite and improve blood circulation - but, breathing in the steam, you can also use them internally: some oils cure and prevent respiratory diseases like colds.

According to the essential oil you choose you will get a relaxing, toning, anti cellulite, moisturizing or nourishing bath. Here are some examples:

  • lemon balm bath: soothing
  • marigold bath: soothing, improves blood circulation
  • orange blossom bath: stabilizing, smoothing and refreshing
  • cornflower bath: revitalizing, relaxing
  • white rose bath: reinvigorating

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