Transart: Prelude

Art and culture


Bolzano Bozen

Prelude oscillates between the technical limits of reproducibility and the trespassing of the very act of representation, calling the public to observe how in every form of a story, there is in some way an aspect that can't be described in a conventional way.


Through a different use of antique and contemporary technical standards, the use of models and instruments developed to preserve and share both specific and individual memories, the exhibit is presented as a concert taking place in a soundproof room. From the hallway if you listen, you may be able to eavesdrop on something.


Prelude is the extension of the solo exhibition Increasing The Wind Pressure, which was presented in March 2018 at the A + B Gallery in Brescia. Curated by Gabriele Tosi.


Vernissage, 14.09.2019, at 11am

Opening hours:

tuesday – friday: 10.00am – 13.00pm + 14.00pm – 18.00pm

thursday: 18.00pm – 20.00pm


Prisma Gallery

Time table



10:00 - 18:00


Transart Bolzano/Bozen, Reinspergweg 5/Castelmonterive 5, Eppan/Appiano


+39 0471/673070

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