A mail to save Parmesan wheels damaged by quake

Help us help the Emilia region struck by earthquakes

June 4, 2012 - Solidarity campaign to help agricultural industry of the areas struck by the earthquakes of May 20 and 29. After thousands called to buy pieces of the Parmesan wheels and other local products damaged during the quakes, the Coldiretti farm lobby activated the mail account terremoto@coldiretti.it, where potential customers can send a request specifying name, address, phone number, type and quantity of product they would like to buy.

The agricultural industry of the area including Modena, Ferrara, Piacenza, Mantova, Bologna and Reggio Emilia, producing some of the finest national produce such as Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, Modena aromatic vinegar, Lambrusco, Parma ham and Grana Padano cheese, suffered an estimated loss of at least 500 million euros, including damage to cheese warehouses, buildings, farm equipment, and felled livestock.

The solidarity campaign launched by Coldiretti to sell pieces of the Parmesan wheels damaged during the quake had such a huge success that the farm lobby had to activate a dedicated mail account. Coldiretti and the farmers adhering to the initiative are striving to guarantee products quality and to give all the information needed for purchase, both through answering mails and issuing press releases.

Help us help the Emilia region struck by earthquakes and turn around its economy, spread the news!

Further information: www.modena.coldiretti.it