Adventures with the sleddog in the Dolomites


Discover nature venturing on a dog sled

Discover nature by dog sled
Dog sledding is an alternative sporting activity to classic skiing that can be experienced by the entire family. It is a winter sport very common in the United States, in...

Sled-dog, Dog-trekking, Dog-bike

Sled dog racing is a winter sport consisting in running on a sled pulled by a sled dog team (usually Siberian Huskies or other Nordic breeds, used to the cold winter temperatures).

Dog sleds were...

Holidays in January: where to go and what to do

The Epiphany, as everyone knows, concludes the holiday season. After the hustle and bustle of Christmas, the markets, New Year's Eve, the crowded shops and the big dinners, we need a break to recover from all the...