Guided tours in Rovereto

Event date from: 02-04-2022 to: 12-12-2022

Two different tours to walk together among nature, art and music

Themed guided tours to discover water, the most important resource of our planet, and follow the footprints of the artists that left an indelible mark in Rovereto.

Rovereto, the city of silk

Irrigation channels and spinning machines tell of the economic development of the city between the Late Middle Ages and the Renaissance


  • Saturday 2 April
  • Saturday 4 June
  • Saturday 2nd July
  • Saturday 6 August
  • Saturday 3rd September
  • Saturday 1st October

Meeting point: Museo della città – via Calcinari, 18 in Rovereto at 10.00 a.m.

Rovereto and its castle

A journey through the history of medieval Rovereto, from the Castelbarco walls to the Venetian-era fortress on the right bank of the Leno river.


  • Saturday 9 April
  • Saturday 14th May
  • Saturday 11th June
  • Saturday 24th September
  • Saturday 22nd October
  • Saturday 12th November
  • Saturday 17th December

Meeting point: Piazza Podestà, in front of the Town Hall at 10.00 a.m.

Santa Maria district and Palazzo Betta Grillo

An itinerary to discover Via Santa Maria, from the unusual oriental architecture of the Casa dei Turchi overlooking the Leno, to Piazzetta Sant’Osvaldo with its church, to the discovery of one of the most beautiful buildings in Rovereto.


  • Saturday 16 April
  • Saturday 25th June
  • Saturday 20th August
  • Saturday 19th November

Meeting point: Piazza Podestà, in front of the Town Hall at 10.00 a.m.

The kilometer of wonders

Seven centuries of history from the neighborhood of Santa Maria to the Mart Museum


  • Saturday 23rd April
  • Saturday 21st May
  • Saturday 18th June
  • Saturday 23rd July
  • Saturday 13th August
  • Saturday 10 September
  • Saturday 26th November

Meeting point: Piazza Podestà, in front of the Town Hall at 10.00 a.m.

Borgo Sacco and the Manufacture

From cigars to sustainability


  • Saturday 30 April
  • Saturday 28th May
  • Saturday 16th July
  • Saturday 30th July
  • Saturday 27 August
  • Saturday 17th September
  • Saturday 29th October

Meeting point: parish church of St. John the Baptist in Borgo Sacco at 10.00 a.m.

From theatre to palace

Palazzo Alberti Poja and Teatro Zandonai tell their stories


  • Saturday 7 May (free guided tour on the occasion of the Educa Festival)
  • Saturday 9th July
  • Saturday 17th September
  • Saturday 15th October
  • Saturday 5th November
  • Saturday 3rd December

Meeting point: in front of the Apt Information Office, Corso Rosmini 21 at 10.00 a.m.

• Sign up at Rovereto and Vallagarina Tourist Board
• Reservations are required by 5 pm on the Friday prior to the visit
• Guided tours and City Trek last about 2 hours (10-12 a.m.)
• minimum 5 and maximum 20 people
• Children up to 5 years participate for free, for adults the cost is 7 euros. Reduced to 4 euros for Museum Pass and Trentino Guest Card holders and for children aged 6 to 17
• For every two participants with a ticket for one of the museums in Rovereto, (Mart, Depero Futurist Art House, Italian War History Museum, Science and Archeology Museum), for the same day or the day before the visit. Furthermore, those who participate in the guided tour will be entitled to a reduced admission to the city’s museums.

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