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Vallagarina is the last section of the valley of the Adige River and extends from Besenello, south from Trento, to Borghetto, where it opens on the Pianura Padana. On the west lies the Brentonico Plateau and on the east rise the Small Dolomites.

Biggest urban center of the Vallagarina is Rovereto, town of great artistic and cultural value featuring many important museums and monuments, like the Mart, museum of modern and contemporary art, the Museo della Guerra and the Maria Dolens Bell, in memory of the fallen of the First World War.

North from Rovereto rises the imposing stronghold of Castel Beseno, once a defensive structure of the valley, and not far away lie the ancient Castel Noarna, scene of the Nogaredo Witch Trials, and the beautiful Cei Lake, uncontaminated biotope and starting point for hikes and mountain bike tours.

On the west stretches the Val di Gresta valley, known as the "biological vegetable garden of Trentino" and ideal destination if you love nature, trekking, and above all good food. Between Rovereto and the Val di Gresta valley lies Isera, known for its Marzemino wine and for the charming Corno Castle, whereas southeast, at the foot of the Pasubio Mountain, stretches the Vallarsa valley, shaped by the battles that here took place during the First World War. Travelling along the valley you see the ruins of the fortresses, the trenches, the galleries and the holes made by the bombs, painful memories of this dark period.

South of Rovereto lie Mori, known and appreciated mainly for the production of fine wines like Merlot and Cabernet, and the sunny Brentonico Plateau, with some rare indigenous plant species that survived the Ice Age. The plateau is the starting point of the hikes going up to the Baldo Mountain. Further south lie Ala, also known as the "Velvet City" due to its long tradition of textile manufacturing, and the Lessini Mountains, favourite destination for trekkers and mountain bikers thanks to the ancient beeches, the testimonies of the war and the karst formations that characterize it. The valley ends with the urban center of Avio and the beautiful Sabbionara Castle.

The whole area is perfect if you love trekking, mountain biking and Nordic walking, and it features some important theme routes, like the Sentiero della Pace, running along the front of the First World War, and the Wine and flavours routes of Trentino, a wine and food route to discover the local products and dishes of Trentino.

The Brentonicoski ski resort covers the Brentonico Plateau from Polsa to San Valentino and offers a wonderful view on Lake Garda to the west and the Small Dolomites to the east. The slopes are particularly good for those who are learning Alpine skiing, but are interesting even for expert skiers. Snowboarding lovers have two snowboard parks, and there is no lack of ice rinks, sledging slopes, ski mountaineering routes and snowshoeing trails.

Azienda per il Turismo Rovereto e Vallagarina • Avenue Rosmini, 6 - 38068 Rovereto ( TN )

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Beseno Castle

This is the greatest fortified building not in an urban area in the whole Trentino. It has been the protagonist of many battles such as the Calliano one in 1487 and inspired many legends.
Its architecture...

Castle Pietra

The castle lies on a rocky spur under the close Pale di San Martino, and it is the only castle in the Primiero area.
It has been fief of the bishops of Feltre and residence of the Welspergs. The castle had been...

Rovereto Castle

Dated back to 1300, the castle had been modified by Venetians but still keeps its original medieval aspect.

After many years of restorations, the castle houses the Italian Historical War Museum, open to...

holiday packages Rovereto - Vallagarina and Brentonico plateau

Azienda per il Turismo Rovereto e Vallagarina • Avenue Rosmini, 6 - 38068 Rovereto ( TN )
Family and Children
Holiday offer at the Christmas markets in Rovereto

Holiday offer at the Christmas markets in Rovereto

Every day at the Christmas markets of Rovereto you are going to find handicrafts, typical products from Trentino and sweets, walking through the historical centre with its beautiful ancient buildings.

from 57 €

Family and Children
Holiday on the snow: children stay for free

Holiday on the snow: children stay for free

Low-cost holiday with fullboard accommodation: entertainment for children, skipasses and skiing lessons in Polsa – San Valentino in the Natural Park Monte Baldo!

from 441 €

Art and culture

Cultural weekend in Trentino

Your cultural holiday in Trentino: a weekend between the town centre of Ala and MART, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Trento and Rovereto.

from 76 €

Family and ChildrenFamily and Children

Monte Baldo, Trentino snow nearest your home Monte Baldo, Trentino snow nearest your home
Monte Baldo, Trentino snow nearest your home

The nearest ski area in Trentino, just 20 km from the Rovereto Sud A22 exit, is waiting for you! Live, discover, and enjoy the Monte Baldo Park: a unique environment, with stunning views from Garda to the Brenta Dolomites. On the plateau of Brentonico, children can take their first steps on the snow in the ski schools of Polsa and San Valentino. For children aged 3 years and up, the specially purposed "Polsa First Steps," an easy descent with gymkhana and ascent on conveyor belts. At San Valentino, "Happy Snow" is a snowy playground with free and open access, where kids can play and have fun! From January to March, the plateau of Brentonico offers convenient free snow weeks for children.

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Summer in the mountain between Baldo and Pasubio

Hiking and mountain bike tracks, cycle tracks along the Via Claudia Augusta, climbing walls and vie ferrate, paragliding and hang-gliding schools. This is the world you can discover around Rovereto in the Baldo, Biaena, Stivo, Pasubio and Zugna mountains, on the Lessini Plateau and the Piccole Dolomiti.