Rodengo: holidays between castles and excursions

Rodengo lies on the soft slopes and green meadows of a small plateau between Valle Isarco and Val Pusteria. The village is overlooked by Rodenegg Castle, a mighty and untouched castle clinging to a crag, an architectural jewel characterized by imposing beautiful defensive structures and preserving ancient and precious frescoes, inspired to the Iwein saga, written by Hartmann von Aue and belonging to the Arthurian Cycle.

In summer, Alpe di Rodengo is perfect for hikes or mountain bike tours, in particular in the blossoming period of rhododendron. The panoramic Shepherds' huts itinerary and the didactical path Bee's gold, allowing you to discover all secrets of beekeeping. In winter, the plateau offers a wonderful cross-country ring and many snowshoe itineraries.

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