Renon Plateau, a must-see destination in 2021 according to The Guardian

04 February 2021

The year 2021 promises to be a year of outdoor and nature holidays. Along these lines, the famous British newspaper The Guardian pays tribute to the Ritten Plateau, recommending it to its readers as the next trip to take in 2021.

A place much loved by Sigmund Freud, to whom a footpath is also dedicated, the Ritten Plateau is located above the city of Bolzano and can be reached from the South Tyrolean capital in 12 minutes by cable car. The cable car ride ends in Soprabolzano and offers breathtaking views of the Catinaccio and Sciliar mountains, Bolzano and the Oltradige region. From Soprabolzano to Collalbo there is then the Renon train.

A hiking paradise with a dense network of over 300 km of trails, it boasts one of Europe's highest and most beautiful natural wonders: the Earth Pyramids.

Ritten also boasts the most beautiful vantage point in South Tyrol: the Rittner Horn, which offers a 360° panorama of the entire region. The view extends from the peaks of the Sasso Putia, the Odle group, the Sciliar, the Catinaccio and Latemar groups to the peaks of the Corno Nero and Corno Bianco.

A great experience for the whole family is Trekking with the Lamas, beautiful walks in the company of llamas and alpacas organised by the Kaserhof farm in Soprabolzano.

On warmer days, you can take a dip in Costalovara lake, whose temperature varies from 22° to 24°.

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