Tobias Fischnaller's biography

Tobias Fischnaller, born 1974, is living in Vintl a village in the holiday area Gitschberg-Jochtal in South Tyrol. He works as a Mountain bike guide and as a international mountain and ski guide. In the cross marketing and as product developer is passing his know how in outdoor and adventure sports successfully to partners.
Tobias made his passions skiing and biking not only to his profession, he practise these sports in unknown, mostly forgotten regions of our earth.
After countless experiences on tour in Europe with bike and ski Tobias travelled 1995 with the bike around all 14 mountains higher than 8000 meter in only 5 month.
1997/98 followed a travel across Australia. On the seat of his mountain bike he peddled 1999 on the "traces of Chinggis Khan" in Mongolia and skied from the three highest mountains of that country.

2000 he failed to cross the great sandy dessert in Australia on the canning stock route with the mountain bike. At that occasion he made a trip to Malaysia and Thailand to test out the rock climbing and mountaineering conditions. One year later 2001 and 2002 Tobias returned several times to Mongolia for media works. He could visit unknown regions, discover and explore a lot of new facets of that wide country.
In the year 2003 the adventure "bike & ski Kamtschatka - traces through fire and ice" followed.


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