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We offer advanced solutions for your accommodation facility has always stood out from all other portals for its disintermediation policy: the accommodation facility comes into direct contact with the user base that visits the portal every day.

The company also has a database of profiled email addresses, provided by users who register for our newsletter service and who are therefore interested in receiving offers and information to stay in our area.

Our customers have six great advantages:

Single accommodation requests

Our information requests have a high conversion rate. Booking requests generated by the listings are directed only towards your property

Multiple accommodation requests

Increases the possibilities of contact from profiled users. Multiple requests are generated by users' searches for a themed holiday, by location or by service offered by the structures.

Manage your offers independently

You can manage the offers of your accommodation facility with maximum freedom, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

 Holiday vouchers

Offer users holiday vouchers to stay at your property. 
Fully configurable, coupons are a trendy sales tool.

Email Marketing

We have a database of over 120,000 e-mail addresses of users who love our territory and keep themselves updated through our periodically sent newsletters and Dems.

Social media marketing

Promote your property on our social media accounts. 
Our followers love the mountains, a healthy life and look for inspiration for a new holiday every day.

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DESTINATION S.r.l. is a member of the AlpineBits alliance and actively participates in the development of the project.

DESTINATION S.r.l. has implemented multiple versions of the Alpinebits protocol on the portal. 
In addition to our back-end, it is possible to transmit the following information to the portal directly from your AlpineBits compatible hotel management system (PMS):

Inventory rooms

Allows you to send the room inventory of your facility to



It allows you to send offers, including title, images, descriptions and prices


Guest requests

It allows you to receive overnight requests (forms) generated by users from directly on your management system



The Dolomiti Network

DESTINATION S.r.l. owns a network of vertical portals, themed and linked to the territory. Among the most important: project - One Land One Brand is a newspaper that provides information and content on the Dolomites and promotes tourism in this area declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The company was founded in 1996 and has, in 20 years, a catchment area of up to 20,000 contacts per day.