Augusto Murer's Orphaeus and museum

Falcade lies on the route that connects Belluno to Bolzano, via the Passo San Pellegrino. A solitary large monument, Orphaeus, stands out in the town cemetery, shadowed by the Focobon. The artist, Augusto Murer, wanted his last sculpture to stand on his own tomb, maybe as a reminder that death is not the end of it all. One is allowed to believe in a continuation of the journey, in a metamorphosis taking place beyond one's personal earthly life: Orphaeus is a splendid sculpture, one of Murer's most deeply-felt works.

The artist's house/museum is nearby, among pine forests. Up there, many sculptures have been placed among the trees so as to confirm that the artist drew inspiration from Nature. A permanent exhibition can be visited in the house, a living memory of this great artist known as "Murer of the Mountains".