The monuments of the garden of South Tyrol

It is quite impossible to enlist all the monuments which can be visited in this are since any littlest corner of town village and country hides its wonders.
Among the most important, there is certainly the Home "Klösterle" which is one of the 4 buildings still well preserved in Europe. Since 1220, in fact, the town of Egna/Neumarkt had housed many pilgrims travelling to Italy or to Rome in this building. Among the most important guests there is the German painter Albrecht Dürer, who left evidence of his works also in Salorno and in Castel Segonzano. Who is in Terlano cannot miss to visit the parish church, an excellent example of early gothic style, with a tower dated XIII century and a bell tower built in 1500, 75 metres tall. Inside the church is enriched with frescoes of the XIV century made by the artists of the "School of Bolzano".
In Caldaro town council, in Castelvecchio, there are the ruins of the basilica of Saint Peter (picture on the left). Inside the church it is still possible to see the three aisles and, behind the building, the ten basins curved in the stone and dated 3000 B.C. The ruins of Saint Peter and the romantic walk through the gorge "Rastenbachklamm" can be reached on foot, following the path which starts from the Church of Saint Vigilio.